Vanessa Kift


Photo Credit: Kate Mahaits, Hair, MUA & Styling: Self , @pleaser White Stilettos, @brave Leather Cuff, Artist Unkown Rubber Victorian Gothic Necklace
White Swan Cocktail/Wedding Dress

eunoia fibre studio & gallery is very excited to have Vanessa join our gathering of fibre artists and designers… she brings a deep rooted love for fashion since childhood – backed by study after highschool – Vanessa Kift has a unique ability to stay steps ahead of of trends, remaining both avant garde and timelessly classic but always maintains a quirky flair. With a large focus on upcycled fabrics & notions, multi-textiled (used like a mixed medium) creations. Her creative originality extends to; fashion illustrations, that evolve into drafted patterns, and designs unique creations that may include, handpainting or printing, repurposing of goods (like bathtub chain as fringe or copper pennies as notions), interesting upcycled leatherwork incorporated into garments or leather bags (studded or fringed), an abundance of knits and jerseys, the use of heavy distressing, patches, studs, and a punkrock esthetic coming from a lifestyle standpoint.

Vanessa has an artistic technique made to standout! Nothing is ever designed in singular, but at least the beginnings of a capsule collection – in a frenzy of ideas come at a radical pace – involving textiles, fit, design lines, movement, colour, texture, sometimes even makeup and music. Then comes the actual construction. With a background and side occupation in modeling (sometimes under the name Lucy Luxe and uses Luxe for her creations) this has lead to her glam-grunge method. Her creations come across as both outrageous yet wearable, sexy, with a timeless beauty. 

Her approachable style has also stemmed from a life-altering accident that left her with chronic pain and a Brain Injury that in the beginning was so impairing she had lost her ability to design completely, her abililities so diminished she was unable to even write. Vanessa was able to teach herself to write without access to rehabilitation, and then taught herself how to work with leather – for the first time – upon moving to the Sunshine Coast of BC. She made a very concrete effort not to lose and focus on her her self esteem – often lost as a result of a Brain Injury – and was soon procuring modeling work again. Since 2014 she has had a goal to bring awareness and sexiness to Brain Injury, so often misunderstood that it is generally avoided. 

Smart, outgoing, environmentally conscious, socially and fashionably aware. An artist to watch out for, Vanassa Kift aka Lucy Luxe!!

Photo Credit: Steven Grover eCouture Fashion Show 2017




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