Dahlia Drive

Influenced by a theatre background, Wendy Van Riesen of Dahlia Drive, uses recycled textiles to tell stories. Beginning with pre-used textiles which have their own history: curtain sheers that were once a threshold between the inner and outer world, stains from cut fingers or shared meals, broken threads from loving wear, a slip’s torn lace from years of leg crossing. I shape these materials into canvasses for the female form. “This landscape inspires me to layer, infuse and embellish a new story onto their map; not eradicate the previous history, but to stand on its shoulders as part of its evolution.  The female body ultimately realizes the garment, giving it form and breath; a living body of art… ”

Dahlia Drive’s newest work includes a collaboration with Haida Master Artist Reg Davidson to create a new story telling medium of Haida art called “Ravens, Eagles, Polka Dots”.


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