Da Vinci Caps.. and Berets

Deliciously Delightful! and So full of colour, texture and character! Discover you Renaissance Revival!

In the Spirit of Recycling… with respect for earth’s limited resources and as an alternative to today’s mainstream fashion industry that relies on globalized mass production… we present the DA VINCI CAP!

Versatile, comfortable and can be worn in so many different ways! A true ‘statement’ in the spirit of personalized slow-fashion!


4 thoughts on “Da Vinci Caps.. and Berets

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  1. Beautiful hats. I live in Vancouver but I would love to purchase a hat. I prefer a large size. My favourite is the featured hat with the dark chocolate band.


    1. Hi Meredith, I sent a response earlier today… and I have been following up with Ursula Medley about the possibility of making you a hat similar to the one in the photo in size Large. The one in the picture is a small… and we have a similar one, but it is also a medium. As soon as I hear back I will let you know what may be possible. Is there a timeline for receiving this hat? Thank you for your interest!


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