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Suzy’s Bees Wraps and Sacks

Handmade and waxed with love on Suzy’s family farm on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada this Bee Bag is sure to become a favorite as it stylishly keeps your food contained and fresher longer. Wraps and Sacks are made with Natural Fibers (usually Cotton) and Beeswax. The sacks also have added natural oils.

Artist: Suzy’s Bees Wraps, Sechelt, BC

Suzy’s Bees Wraps will help keep food fresh in the refrigerator. Simply press Wrap into place over any container or place food directly on wrap and fold to cover before placing in the refrigerator. They can also be used for snacks and lunches on the go! Simple to clean with cool water and mild soap. Then drip dry and use again and again. Bees wax, with its anti-microbial properties and the natural fibers makes this green alternative a brilliant choice over plastic wrap. Simple to use, good for our Earth and playful patterns too!

$25 Cdn per package of 4 (various sizes), plus shipping – contact for purchase

Suzy’s Bees Sacks are a twist on an iconic basic. We have taken the brown paper bag lunch and spruced it up with some cotton canvas stripes and then used the age-old practice of waxing it to provide longevity of use and a true zero waste product in its natural ability to be composted.

What began as an all natural and eco-friendly lunch bag ready to deal with drips, spills or rain has surprised us with its many other uses. It is wonderful for keeping loaves of bread or large amounts of produce (ie. lettuce, cabbage, apples) fresher longer. Such versatility and sustainability in keeping your food happy is True Love!

Made with sturdier cotton canvas it is able to hold up longer than our Bees Wraps and can be touched up with our food grade Bee Bars. Waxed canvas ages beautifully, softening and taking on a leather like quality as they are used. With proper care and occasional touch ups with our food grade Bee Bars you will have the use of these bags for years to come.

$35 Cdn per sack, plus shipping – contact for purchase

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